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"Fun(raising)" Nights

Rules and Regulations

  1. Valley Dairy Restaurants will give your group a percentage of the sales on a designated night for all the guests that your organization brings in. Minimum sales of $100 is required to receive a check.
  2. Valley Dairy Restaurants will require a 2 week advance notice.
  3. Nights will be limited to Sunday - Thursday only from 4pm-9pm.
  4. Valley Dairy provides a template flyer that you can complete online and print (see flyer download link at the bottom of this page). You may design your own flyer, but be sure to include all pertinent information shown on the template flyer. The flyer must be presented with payment for proper credit.
  5. The success of the fundraiser relies upon the organization. You must advertise the event and ensure your members show up.
  6. Percentage of donations will be 20% of food and beverage (pre-tax) including dine-in meals and also take-home items such as ice cream, pies, or to-go meals from people coming specifically to support your fundraiser. Your supporters need to bring a flyer with them and hand it to our cashier when paying. The more people you bring, the bigger our donation to your organization will be.
  7. Donation check will be distributed within 2 weeks of the event.
  8. Flyers may not be handed out in the parking lot during the night of the event.

Additional Information

Fun(raising) Flyer and Checklist

Download the FunRaiser Flyer Here
Download the Checklist Here

Register Your Event Here

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